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With Research and Development (R&D), Eva Azevedo develops research work in the area of African Culture, primarily in Dance, through partnerships with external entities (public and private).

At the moment he is developing a PhD in dance, at the Human Motricity Faculty of the University of Lisbon. Supported by a contemporary view of the African Dance, it seeks to rediscover dance as a mode of expression and contact between Brazil, Portugal and Benin, centered on the crossing of its histories, cultures and people.

He started this research with the project "Farisogo Sira - The Body Path in African Dance", supported by GDA - Management of Artists' Rights - and with the "Olokum" project, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Europe, Brazil and Africa (Burkina Faso and Benin).


  • Benim: CDAC - Centre de Développement Artistique et Culturel Elijah, Festival “Une autre façon de découvrir la danse”, City Hall of Ouidah, Institut Français du Cotonou, Compagnie Walô, Compagnie Richard Adosou/ Association Rich´Culture. 

  • Burkina Faso: Association Française L´Etincelle, Compagnie Fongnon Koura, Association Bolo Arts, Compagnie La Cie Tamadia, Institut Français du Bobo Dioulasso (CCF), Festival Bolo Arts, Festival In Out Danse, 

  • France: Cie Isabelle Cheveau Vincent Harisdo e L´Atelier 14 - Pratique et Recherche Choreographique 

  • Brasil: Companhia "Cia Pé no MunDo”, Prefeitura de S.Paulo, “Encontro em Trânsito” in ETEC Artes em S. Paulo, V IInternational Dance of Contemporary Black Dance in Campinas, Brasil Funarte, CEU Butanta, Museu Afro Brasil e Centro de Culturas Negras do Jabaquara (CCNJ)

  • Portugal: GDA – Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, ALC-Afrolatinconnection, Culturdança, Centro De Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto (Jorge Ribeiro), Contagiarte, Companhia Instável- Teatro Campo Alegre

  • Spain: Bumtaka Percusión

FESTIVAL “Viagem 24h a África”

"VIAGEM 24h a ÁFRICA" (24 HOURS TRAVEL TO AFRICA) is an event organised by Eva Azevedo in partnership with Sementinha, Popolomondo, Centro Cultural Contagiarte, Root of Things, ATACA (Movica), French Association L'Etincelle, Compagnie Fongnon Koura and Association Bolo Art's (Burkina Faso), Center for Artistic Development and Culturel Elijah (Benin), Center for Experiences, Art & Nature and Milagrense Philharmonic.

In this event, Eva Azevedo challenges the community to interact with workshops, shows, video projections, book launches, debates and lectures, getting to know and experience aspects of different African cultures, focusing essentially on the artistic expression of dance.

Six editions have already been made, the first four being at the Contagiarte Cultural Training Center in Porto and the last two at the Center for Experiences, Art & Nature at Senhora dos Milagres in Monção, Portugal.

This event has already had the participation of names such as

Dafra Keita, Sibiri Konaté, Emmanuel Sanou, Noumoutie Reggae Ouattara, Issouf Outtara (Burkina Faso), Djily (Senegal), Cristina Rosa Velardo (Spain), Dyllu Matola (Mozambique),NereaRubio (Spain), António Tavares (Cabo Verde), Teresa Fabião (Portugal - Brasil), Vanessa Fernandes (Portugal - Bissau),  André Soares (Portugal), Vincent Harisdo (Benin), Jorge Cipriano e Pedro Barbosa (Brasil), Paulo das Cavernas (Portugal), Allatantou Compagnie, Projeto Sementinha, Artmetisse, Taluma Films,Cat Fróis (cozinha), Gustavo Duarte (Portugal), Jeã de Assis (Brasil), André Pinto (Portugal), Isabel Fernandes (Portugal).