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OLOKUM, based on a contemporary vision of the African Dance, is a project created by Eva Azevedo that aims to discover dance as a mode of expression and contact between Portugal, Brazil and Benin, centered on the crossroads of their histories, cultures and people.

Supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, it intends to involve dancers and musicians from different countries in the creation of shows, formations and reflections on the theme of Interculturality.

OLOKUM emerged from the invitation of Vicent Harisdo to participate in his "Une autre façon de découvrir la danse 2018" festival in Benin and the Brazilian choreographers and dancers Roges Doglas Marinho and Cláudia Nwabasili from the company "Cia Pé no MunDo" in São Paulo.


In this show, under the artistic direction of Vincent Harisdo and Vanessa Fernandes, and with original music by Paulo das Cavernas, Eva Azevedo intends to present a solo work with projection of Video, where she represents a Portuguese settler who sinks in the sea and finds Olokum - The Protector of the Ocean - transforming the view of the public on Portuguese Colonization and Interculturality.


Spectacle "Dimensão" is the final result of a research laboratory led by Eva Azevedo of Portugal, with Luiz Anastácio, choreographer and director of the Ewé Group of Brazil, Guillaume Nadjo, Denise Ishola and invited dancers of Wompagnie Walô and Richard Adosou, of Richard Adosou Company, Benin.

"Dimensão" is a sub-Project of Olokum, inserted in the Doctorate in Dance of Eva Azevedo, in course in the Faculty of Human Motricity (Univ. Lisbon), based on a contemporary vision, to discover the African Dance as a way of expression and contact between Portugal, Brazil and Benin, at the crossroads of their histories, cultures and peoples. It is directed by Vincent Harisdo and supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Internationalization Dance 2017).

The "Dimension" project starts from a research based on the elements of nature about how the dance bodies of the three countries relate in a bodily, measurable and spiritual dimension.

This project has the following support: City Council of Ouidah, City Hall of Ouidah, Cotonou French Institute, Compagnie Walô, Richard Adosou Compagnie / Association Rich'Culture, CDAC - Développement Artistique et Culturel, Elijah in Benin, Afrolatinconnection and Culturdança.