OLOKUM, based on a contemporary vision of the African Dance, is a project created by Eva Azevedo that aims to discover dance as a mode of expression and contact between Portugal, Brazil and Benin, centered on the crossroads of their histories, cultures and people.

Supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, it intends to involve dancers and musicians from different countries in the creation of shows, formations and reflections on the theme of Interculturality.

OLOKUM emerged from the invitation of Vicent Harisdo to participate in his "Une autre façon de découvrir la danse 2018" festival in Benin and the Brazilian choreographers and dancers Roges Doglas Marinho and Cláudia Nwabasili from the company "Cia Pé no MunDo" in São Paulo.


In this show, under the artistic direction of Vincent Harisdo and Vanessa Fernandes, and with original music by Paulo das Cavernas, Eva Azevedo intends to present a solo work with projection of Video, where she represents a Portuguese settler who sinks in the sea and finds Olokum - The Protector of the Ocean - transforming the view of the public on Portuguese Colonization and Interculturality.


Spectacle "Dimensão" is the final result of a research laboratory led by Eva Azevedo of Portugal, with Luiz Anastácio, choreographer and director of the Ewé Group of Brazil, Guillaume Nadjo, Denise Ishola and invited dancers of Wompagnie Walô and Richard Adosou, of Richard Adosou Company, Benin.

"Dimensão" is a sub-Project of Olokum, inserted in the Doctorate in Dance of Eva Azevedo, in course in the Faculty of Human Motricity (Univ. Lisbon), based on a contemporary vision, to discover the African Dance as a way of expression and contact between Portugal, Brazil and Benin, at the crossroads of their histories, cultures and peoples. It is directed by Vincent Harisdo and supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Internationalization Dance 2017).

The "Dimension" project starts from a research based on the elements of nature about how the dance bodies of the three countries relate in a bodily, measurable and spiritual dimension.

This project has the following support: City Council of Ouidah, City Hall of Ouidah, Cotonou French Institute, Compagnie Walô, Richard Adosou Compagnie / Association Rich'Culture, CDAC - Développement Artistique et Culturel, Elijah in Benin, Afrolatinconnection and Culturdança.


The project "Farisogo Sira - The Way of the Body in African Dance" was born in 2009 from a work of research, creation and training realized in Burkina Faso. Through observation of the nature of movements. The African Dance is in the body, allowing you to recognize the 5 elements of nature - earth, fire, water, air and space. This work refers to Gabrielle Roth's "Motion 5 Rythms".

Based on this Project, Eva Azevedo created three shows: "Busca", a solo show presented in 2014 at the Campo Alegre Theater in Oporto; "Recherche", an artistic creation, supported by GDA, in partnership with Compagnie Fongnon Koura, presented at the Festival In Out Danse 2016 in Burkina Faso; and "Metamorphosis," a second solo show presented at the Bolomakoté Festival in 2017, in Burkina Faso, Oporto, Casa da Música, Blues Festival and Armazém 22 at the event "Interculturalidade em Movimento".


The soil "Metamorphosis" was started in the course "Exploring Movements II", directed by Cristina Rosa Vellardo, presented at the Work Shows in Progress in the Space Agora, in Madrid, in June 2016.

"Metamorphosis" is a change in the form and physical structure of the body, but also a change of personality, way of thinking, appearance and character.

In this soil, the body dances metamorphoses resulting from the reaction to changes in nature (earth, water, fire and air), changes in life (age, maternity, ..), of the place, of the surroundings, ... arriving at a free space, where the heart is able to express in a simple way the rhythm imposed by the master drum.

A conductor who keeps the memories of traditions and rituals, with a sound capable of awakening sensations that are forgotten.


The "Recherche" Show brings with it the research and individual discovery that we make on our personal and professional path with the African Dance, obtaining, in this context, fundamental elements to continue the Farisogo Sira project.

The stage of elaboration of the spectacle comes from an intensive formation, which provides the dancers with essential tools so that, through an individual vision, they can present movements that correspond to the original idea of the project - the way of the body.

The first show was created in 2009 with the students of the Ginasiano Professional Dance School, in Vila Nova Gaia, under the Gaia Capital of Culture. The same performance followed for Bobodioulasso in Burkina Faso in February 2015 and, following the intensive training with dancers and musicians from the Compagnie Fongnon Koura of the Bolo'Arts Association, was presented at the In-Out Danse Festival organized by the Company La Cie Tamadia.


It began as a search for the 5 elements of nature in the African Dance, transforming itself into an inner search of the body itself - an introspection in the memories, traditions, customs and influences of Portuguese culture and arriving at a new way of fusion of languages, personalities, movements characteristic of African culture.

"Procuro (I seek)" ... My hands look for what the Earth has to tell me. Who am I? What is the dance for me? What does the dance have to say to me? “Procuro" the dance is a release of the emotions, through the Whole that is our body ".

Previous creations


Founder, dancer and choreographer of the SEMENTE project since 2005. A company of Porto, with performance shows, where various forms of artistic expressions such as dance, live music, theater and video are crossed, drinking from some recreations from the four corners of the world.

Three shows were created, one of which was recorded live on a DVD in 2008 (cap. I, RIZOMA).

SEMENTE performed at several national and international festivals:

Opening of the Casa da Música (Portugal), Fiestizaje in Leon (Spain), Plaza de S. Francisco (Canarias, Spain), "Márcate un Verano 2009" (Telde-Canarias, Spain), and still, in Portugal, Festival Freedom, Festival Tribal, Africa K ´ i, Boom Festival, Capital Radical (Póvoa de Varzim), Festival Farpa, Festival Andanças, Summer Festival, Festival Transfusão  Festival Ecos na Terra  Queima do Judas (Vila do Conde), Portugal a Rufar, Festival da Juventude  do Barreiro, Festival Med Loulé, Carnival of Ovar, Festival da Água (Santo Tirso), Byonritmos Festival, etc. 


Founder, dancer, teacher and choreographer of the SEMENTINHA project, pioneer in the city of Porto. Born in 2002 from a passion of Paulo das Cavernas and Eva Azevedo for the music and dance of the west coast of Africa

SEMENTINHA performed at several national and international festivals:


Byonritmos Festival; Festival Andanças, Festival Ecos na Terra, Festival Pé na Terra, Feira Alternativa 2011, Refesh Festival 2011, Festival Conexões 2011, Dmaes Summer Bootcamp 2011 to 2014, Festival Etnias 2009, 2010 and 2013, Festival Tribal 2007 and 2008, festivals of the city of Torres Vedras 2008, Trofa da Juventude da Trofa, Semana da Juventude in S. João da Madeira 2007, Festival Pluridanças - Espinho and others. 


She participated in DJAMBOONDA as a dancer and choreographer from 2006 to 2009. Group formed in 1992, consists of elements from countries such as Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, Morocco and Portugal. Their shows are characterized by the rhythm and expressiveness of dance and music, always with percussion as a guiding thread.

Participated in various performances: Festival Andanças, Boom Festival, festivals in Leiria, Festival Africa k ´ i, Festival Lisboa Dança 2006, 9th Fira Mediterranània déspectacles d ´Arrel Tradicional en Manresa, Barcelona, Festival Sounds of the World in the Azores – Ponta Delgada, Festival Lisboa-Dakar, Festival Outonalidades, Festival Etnias  feast of Cavacas in Resende, Municipal Museum Leonel Trindade in Torres Vedras, Festa dos Gigantones in Pinhal Novo, Festival Portugal a Rufar, Festival Juventude of Aljezur, festivals of the city of Mira, Tribal Festival, etc.


She participated in MADANDZA as a dancer and choreographer, in 2010 and 2011, having performed in several locations, with emphasis on the Fiestizaje Festival (in Spain), Festas da Cidade de Guimarães, Festival Freedom 2011, Festival Etnias 2010, Percussion and dance group traditional Malinké, with two dvd’s of edited concerts, a promotional DVD and an audio template.


She participated in LE PARTISAN as a dancer, choreographer, percussionist and costume designer in 2003 and 2004. This group emerged in 2002 from the fusion of traditional Portuguese, ethnic and rock music.

Participated in several performances: Avante Festival, contest "Unplugge Thermometer, Theater Festival "Do a Festa", Festival of Diversity in Lisbon, Book Fair in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Festival Farpa, etc.